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Leicester: I’ll be there with the last ever show of Begging to Differ

February 11, 2017

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Writing a new show. Strategies from a split soul

December 10, 2016

Daphna: It is time to do the washing, once the first round is in the machine the creativity glends would start working.


MissD: The best start is to not get out of bed before noon. The morning hours kill creativity.



Daphna: Try find a writing partner. Convince him or her to start a writing group together. Spend the morning selling them the idea.


MissD: Anybody could see that your prospective writing associate is far better suited to be a drinking partner. Check if they are happy to go for a lunchtime drink. If not they are useless. And employed. 


Daphna: Reach for your copy of The Artists Way.


MissD: Get on Facebook to seek inspiration.


Daphna: Try to book gigs to try the yet-to-be-written material.


MissD: Pick fights with promoters who don't book you. 


Daphna: Maybe go get a new notebook as the old one if full.


MissD: Maybe go get new shoes. 


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