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Leicester: I’ll be there with the last ever show of Begging to Differ

February 11, 2017

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Sunny Weekend at the Brighton Fringe

December 10, 2016

The weather was very kind this weekend for Killing MissD at the Brighton Fringe. The Blue Man is a gorgeous venue ran by the adorable Jess Woodfall, with a friendly team, fantastic morrocan snacks and a nice combo of booze and tea options. The room downstairs is pleasant warm and intimate, which makes it a g


reat home for shows like Killing MissD which requires some feeling-of-the-love. It is no accident that so many female comedians opted for it this year: Mary Bourke with Muffragette, Sameena Zehra's compilation Cult of Comedy and Katie Field and Kathryn Spencer  - The Old Spice Girls. 


Killing MissD's audience on Sat and Sun was perfectly formed and very loving. It was moving for me to have my best friend Yael Friedman in the audience again a year after she's seen the very very first preview of the show, (which was as shambolic as to be expected). It was also wonderful to have an old friend from the past Amir Paz-Fuchs, turn up and enjoy my new incarnation. But the nicest thing about it for me was a young student who came with her girlfriend and who turned out to be a fan of Daphna's, rather than of the slightly miffed MissD.


This Girl has actually read Disenchantment: The Guardian and Israel 

It was a nice closure for me to have so many people from "Daphna's world"  enjoying Killing MissD on the brink of starting my next show, AKA Miss D, which will have us as one persona.  Grateful to have fellow comedian and great friend Katie Field in too. It is always heart warming to have other comedians iuun my audience.


The show following mine, Sameena's Cultr of Comedy, was constantly sold out and had great line ups, if I say so myself (yeah ok I was on one of them). I was particularly impressed by Phil Jerrod, whom I've seen for the first time on Saturday. Phil is one of those comedians whose rants blow your mind. I certainly intend to come see his show Humans (with Chris Stewart) next time I'm in Brighton. I also massively marvelled at my old friends Janet Bettesworth and Javier Costales, both stunningly impressive comedians who always still manage to surprise me.


The Cult of Comedy rund Thur-Sun every weekend of the Fringe at 7pm with a new line up every time and it is a great comedy experience. 


Also, I had a fab brunch with Sameena in Hove, ventured one of those Open Houses of art (keep an eye for them in Brighton during the Fringe. A great way to enjoy art) and bought myself a lovely print (I'm in a frenzy of art shopping, forgetting that I have no more walls. Or money).  


Also chuffed to have spent an hour on the beach absorbing some Vitamin D, and smelling in the air that most enticing scent of promises for a great  summer which may or may not materialise.


Last chance to see Killing MissD will be Sat-Sun 17-18 May 6pm at the Blue Man. Get in. 

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