“Illuminating and poignant take on tough subjects”

The List, Edinburgh
Bunbury Magazine

Daphna Baram looks perfectly respectable. She's an ex-human rights lawyer, and the title of her new comedy show Begging to Differ is after all a very polite and middle-class way of telling you to go do one. 

This Alternative look at British life and Britishness from the outside and a look into the performer’s culture is superbly refreshing and in parts, biting. With questions on Britishness relating to such heady topics as what to do if you spill someone’s pint and what bird is usually eaten on Christmas Day, audience members are encouraged to shout out the answers. 

Cross-cultural similarities and differences are a mainstay of comedy. This year, a lot of comedians will be tackling the controversial subject of immigration. Those aspiring to be more daring will be trying to find punchlines in terrorism. 

Roughly halfway through her show, Miss D asks us- “So, has anyone else had Chemical Weapons training?”. For an hour, throwaway comments about life in Israel come out in much the same way- great fistfuls of anecdotes from a life shockingly foreign to our drizzly city are passed off as just another day of compulsory military service.

What makes us English? Our love of tea (I prefer coffee)? Ability to form queues (elbows were invented for a reason)? Or knowing the entire backstory of EastEnders (give me Friendsevery time)?