What are StumbleBees?

About StumbleBees?

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StumbleBees is a brand new system for finding and curating products online! Developed exclusively to find and source items in a human manner, our tiny little bees are working tirelessly to collect digital pollen in the form of interesting, unique products and then curate them into easy to find and sensibly categorised ways.

We wanted to create an alternative to the traditional online shopping experience of searching lots of different sites for great products that had a more natural search process. Most retailers focus on the specifics when categorising products, putting them in boxes of type, style etc and this not only leads to a stale experience when exploring for something new, it also leads to a winner takes all site structure where one major retailer has all the products so you never shop anywhere else.

Thats where the StumbleBees appear!

So, we sat down and banged our heads together and developed StumbleBees!

We wanted to start by grouping similar searches together so rather than pick a specific colour, you might select a sentiment like "dark", "spotty" or "pastel" then the backend system deals with the nuances of that.

Then we found a way to curate as many merchants and retailers as possible to maximise the reach of our little StumbleBees, then we added in a sprinkling of artificial intelligence to do things like rewrite product descriptions in a less saleman and more friendly manner.

Add a bit of love and technical magic and finally the system that powers this website was born!

You can read more about the StumbleBees in action at our website StumbleBees.com

We hope you love our site, have a great experience and most importantly, find new and unique products!