About Us

About www.missd.co.uk

Product Curation Specialists

We wanted to create a system that allows us to simplify and enchance the shopping experience by delivering the questions in a manner that is more natural to humans and not robots.

So, instead of expecting you to trawl through category after category for a random lucky find, we have grouped products together by a sentiment rather than a specific, so instead of black or blue, you can collate all dark items together at once with a simple answer.

We feel this enhances your shopping experience and means that great products are only ever three questions away!

Maximum Choices

Having developed such a unique system, we have hundreds of partners allowing us to curate thousands of products in a single site, thus ensuring you have the maximum possible choice when shopping for the perfect item!

As such, we don't actually stock any products ourselves, but we do partner with the finest retailers out there to ensure you get the best possible selection at the best possible prices.

Up To Date Prices

Our products are monitored daily to ensure you have the latest prices, stock allocations and availability online through our partner network. We get paid to ensure you get the best possible products as easily as possible so we want deliver the ultimate experience to you.